Our Network


Simply stated, our Internet viewing system is a video camera connected to the Internet that makes live video viewable to registered users. We use several cameras so parents can watch their children from every primary room in a day-care centre.

Parent Care Network supplies, installs and supports all of the hardware it provides to the day cares.

We use a video server to convert the video into a format that can be transmitted over the Internet. Cameras are plugged into the video server, which is connected to a high-speed Internet line that provides smooth streaming video.

Visit our How it Works page for more about the technology.

What you'll need:

Access to the internet
→ Modem: 56K or faster (high-speed Internet access is highly recommended!)

Examples of high-speed access providers:
→ Bell Sympatico High-Speed Edition (ADSL)
→ Rogers Cable
→ Cogeco Cable
→ Look Communications(ADSL)
→ Sprint Canada (ADSL)