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Viewing Network

Parent Care Network works with registered day cares to provide advanced quality video streaming via the Internet to parents who want to be able to check on their children while they are in day care. It's a secure and reliable way to keep an eye on your children.

Each day care is equipped with video cameras, so parents can watch one room at a time, and move from room to room with their child.

We do not charge any additional fees for the amount of time you spend using the system.


Parent Care Network is an online community centre. You'll be able to correspond with other parents, your child's day care, and access childcare resources with our online bulletin board and information center. Here you can pose questions and find answers to anything that relates to your child's well-being.

Secure access

Only authorized members with children in your child's class will be given access to view that particular day care.

You'll have the option of giving other family members personalized access to the service.

Every member has a PIN number to access our secure server, and our web security features ensure your family's privacy and safety.