Staff Testimonials

“Well, where do I even begin. This is probably the best product available to Child Care Facilities. I would recommend it completely! Having the online viewing service has increased our enrolment/sales considerably. It allows our families to trust us right from the beginning. I would hope that in the future this would be something that the Board of Education would consider necessary, simply because it helps parents stay in touch with their children. Being a Mother of a young child myself, the service helps ease the heartache of not being able to be with my child all day.”

“It is a great feature for parents' peace of mind. At first, as an employee, I was uncomfortable with the fact of being watched. Now I've become used to it, and I don't even think about it.”

“I've always felt it was a great feature for the parents. At first I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of being watched, but now I forget the cameras are even there. No Problem.”

“Having cameras in the classrooms provides the parents with a comfort of being able to watch their children at play. Personally, I don't feel uncomfortable about being on camera. I feel more comfortable knowing that the parents can tune in and watch their children.”

Parent Testimonials

“Dear Parent Care Network,

I strongly among many other parents, feel it is a strong relief that I can actually see my child at the Daycare facility any time of the day and as many times as I want. It was easy to get in, fast and clear. I strongly believe it should be a mandatory feature in all facilities. It makes us parents feel much more relieved to see what is going on with our children and quite enjoyable to see. So far, I have found it to be very satisfactory. I would also like to add the quick entry into the website and the exceptional Customer Service you have provided including the regular updates.”

“Dear Parent Care Network,


The service Parent Care Network provides not only gives me a sense of relief and peace when my daughter is away from me, but allows me an opportunity to see something of the person she is becoming.
Being able to watch my daughter interact with other children and seeing her running around, or just eating lunch at school is so much fun and educational. Also knowing that our daycare obviously cares enough about the safety of their children and the quality of their staff that they are comfortable having everyone monitored, says so much about our choice in this care facility.
I wish that cameras were available in all daycare facilities and I think that any parent considering sending their child to
one should seriously question a daycare without a program like yours. I hope one day you will be able to install this type of
system in all daycare facilities. This is a system that provides security and peace of mind. Please keep up the good work!”

“Dear Parent Care Network,

I found your customer service to be quick and friendly. The system is easy to use, and I really enjoy the ability to peek in on what is happening.”

“Dear Parent Care Network,

Thank you for your service. It is very enjoyable to see my son during the day when I have some free time.”

“Dear Parent Care Network,

Thank you for providing this excellent service for us PARENTS who have to go back to work. It was such a worry leaving our child with perfect strangers but with your service it allows us PARENTS to go to work and actually focus on our work otherwise we would be wondering if our child is doing okay. This service puts our mind to ease plus I miss my son DEEPLY and your service allows me to see him and watch him grow since I can't be there with him all day. Keep up the great work!! Thanks for your time!!!!”

“Dear Parent Care Network,

I viewed the Day Care with your recent changes and "I LOVE IT". Just so you know I have a 100% clear view of my son and his surroundings. Thank-you Thank-you, and have a great day.”